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Repair your Patina Problems Easily with these Products


Do you have the "Over-cleaned Coin Patina Blues?"

Do you have a few minor blemishes on your uncleaned coin? Or stripped bare-naked coins due to electolysis that need serious re-patination? Either way, I have the solution, no pun intended, to all your problems. I guarentee that the following products will solve all your problems!

The Deller's Darkener speaks for it's self and has been the "Coin Collectors" friend for many years.

The JAX Darkening Solutions are another story... Each of these four solutions are truly remarkable when it comes re-patinating simple goofs, or massively stripped/zapped coins. In all honesty, you can buy them direct from the JAX Chemical Company for $14.95/pint, plus $7.00 S&H, of course...

We're now offering the very same product to you in four oz. vials at only a very small mark-up. Trust me, my friends, as long as you remember to return each solution back into the vial, it will last you for years on end.

In most cases I've found it best to soak the coin in just enough solution to wet both sides, turning it over after 5-10 seconds to be sure the down side gets enough solution. Once the coin is close to the color you want, remove it and rinse under running water. Gently pat both sides with a paper towel, then alow it to fully dry/cure on something that allows the air to reach both sides. I use a fingernail brush.

For JAX green, set the coin on the fingernail brush, then apply the solution with a cotton swab, just enough to fully dampen only that one side. Allow the liquid to air dry. Look at what happened. In most cases, you'll need to make several applications (sometimes as many as 6-7). Once your happy with the result flip the coin over and repeat. Then allow both sides to 'cure' for a day or two somewhere warm and dry.

Here's the deal - no two coins ever respond the same to JAX due to the metal alloy content. Re-patinating metal via JAX really is an art rather than a science. Like leraning how to clean coins, it takes practise and experimentation. The good news is that if you're not pleased with the new JAX patina, it can be easily removed with soap, water and a toothbrush, as long as the coin is not allowed to cure for too long. Or, no matter what, the new patina can always be removed with a battery-powered Dremel and soft bristle brass brush under running water.


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100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs
100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs $3.95 
Ave! 6 inch Cotton Swabs, 100/bundle Excellent for use with JAX solutions or a slight Ren…
Conservator's Wax
Conservator's Wax $4.95 
Ave! Conservators Wax A blend of highly refined micro crystalline wax. Provides excellent p…
JAX 4-Pack
JAX 4-Pack $39.95 
Ave!  Buy all four of the JAX re-patination products and save! The 4-Pack includes one 4 ounc…
JAX 4-Pack Sampler
JAX 4-Pack Sampler $11.95 
Ave! JAX 4-Pack Sampler Do to popular request, NRC is pleased to present our popular JAX …
JAX Black Darkener
JAX Black Darkener $10.49 
Ave!  This is the very best way to re-patinate your over-cleaned/stripped AE ancient coins...a…
JAX Black/Brown Darkener
JAX Black/Brown Darkener $10.49 
Ave!  This is the very best way to re-patinate your over-cleaned/stripped AE ancient coins...a…
JAX Brown Darkener
JAX Brown Darkener $10.49 
Ave!  This is the very best way to re-patinate your over-cleaned/stripped AE ancient coins..…
JAX Green Patina Solution
JAX Green Patina Solution $10.49 
Ave! JAX Green Patina Solution This is the very best way to re-patinate your over-cleaned…
JAX Pre-Dip Coin Cleaner
JAX Pre-Dip Coin Cleaner $6.95 
Ave! JAX Pre-Dip Coin Cleaner, One Oz. Bottle This product is brought to you from the sam…
JAX Silver Blackener
JAX Silver Blackener $6.95 
Ave! JAX Silver Blackener Are your silver coins too bright and shiney...and need just a …
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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JAX 4-Pack
JAX 4-Pack $39.95

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Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon, c. 1st-3rd Cent.

Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon, c. 1st-3rd Cent.

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Unbelievable item! Expertly cleaned and preserved. This is a ..

Key Handle, Roman Officer, c. 1st-3rd Cent

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