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Modern Replica/Fantasy Issues


Modern Replica Issues and Fantasy Coins

Presented here are modern reproductions of iconic Greek and Roman coins that none us can afford. Each of these reproductions are hand-struck from dies cut by modern day master celetors; each coin will be slightly different, just as in the ancient past.

None of these coins are meant to be perceived as original; they are modern replicas struck in the tin or silver. The silver coins have a countermark 'S' on the reverse.

NRC is presenting these issues for collectors and teachers whom cannot afford the high price of the authentic issues. For instance, an authentic Julius Caesar 'EID MAR' denarius in VF condition will cost the buyer $80-$100 thousand dollars! The are that rare.




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Templar Knights Silver Token
Templar Knights Silver Token $19.95 
Ave! Knights Templar Silver Tokens, 21 mm, 2gm 999% Silver OBV/ The Seal of the Knights T…
Thasos, Tetradrachm after 148 BC
Thasos, Tetradrachm after 148 BC $9.95 
Ave! Thasos, Tetradrachm (tin coin replica) after 148 BC 32 mm. Obv/ Head of Di…
Displaying 21 to 22 (of 22 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3 
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Brooch, Silver Brooch Fragments, c. 2nd-3rd Cent AD

Brooch, Silver Brooch Fragments, c. 2nd-3rd Cent AD

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Unbelievable item! Expertly cleaned and preserved. This is a ..

Key Handle, Roman Officer, c. 1st-3rd Cent

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