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Hand-held Coin Cleaning Tools


Hand-held Coin Cleaning Tools

All of the tools presented here are of the hand-held type.

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100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs
100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs $3.95 
Ave! 6 inch Cotton Swabs, 100/bundle Excellent for use with JAX solutions or a slight Ren…
Andre's Coin-cleaning Pencil 4-Pack
Andre's Coin-cleaning Pencil 4-Pack $18.00 
Ave! Andre's Coin-cleaning Pencil 4-Pack The set includes: one hardened steel-wool sh…
Coin Cleaning Mat 9x12 inches
Coin Cleaning Mat 9x12 inches $14.95 
Ave! Coin Cleaning Mat 9x12 inches This is a dual-sided, self-healing cutting mat, 12x9 i…
Dental Scraper Tool
Dental Scraper Tool $9.95 
Ave! Dental Scraper Tool Another "must have" tool to add to your coin-cleaning …
Diamond-dusted Dental Pick #2
Diamond-dusted Dental Pick #2 $39.95 
Ave! DDDP #2 Custom designed to our exact specifications, this tool is a master-work for …
Diamond-dusted Dental Pick #3
Diamond-dusted Dental Pick #3 $39.95 
Ave! Diamond-dusted Dental Pick #3 Another custom-made DDDP available only from Nobl…
Soft-Tip Hemostat
Soft-Tip Hemostat $8.49 
Ave! Soft-Tip Hemostat, 5" Straight The other day I was using my trusty soft-tip hem…
Super Scalpel Blade Ten-Pack
Super Scalpel Blade Ten-Pack $5.95 
Ave! Super Scalpel Blade Ten-Pack 10 Blades...yes, we know the photo only shows five, but…
Super Scalpel for Coin Cleaning
Super Scalpel for Coin Cleaning $6.95 
Ave! Super Scalpel for Cleaning Ancient Coins One Tool plus Five Extra Blades Here…
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon

Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon

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Most still need to be cleaned. Found 1 rare campgate. Found ..

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