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Paleo-American Indian/Pre-Columbian Artifacts


From the Collection of Vada Sandes

Here you will discover a plethera of ancient Paleo-American Indian/Early Man artifacts including stone points and tools.

Nearly all of these come from my late mother's collection, God Bless her. She collected all of these for over 60+ years in the Four Corners region of the US, all found on the ground. She once told me that digging wasn't right, but if the were just sitting there on the surface...? - Then they were fair game! FYI - None of these stone tools were found on any archaeological site, but rather on private property which make them legal to sell. No looting!

She said for years that she would take them to a museum one day but time slipped away for her.

I guess that she left us several hundred pounds of such artifacts, all in shoe and cigar boxes tucked into her closets and garage and we now have begun to sort them all out and catagorize them.

Vada passed away in her sleep at home at the age of 93 on St. Patrick's Day, 2012

Stone Tools 101 - All tools had a purpose, of course. All have been flaked in one manner or another to suit their purpose, whether it be for butchering game, chopping trees, scraping hides, spear or arrow points, tiny drills, knives, and any number of other uses. One of the things my mom told me was that all large tools were 'one-offs'; IE used at the camp-site/kill-site, then disguarded as too heavy to carry. Another mention was that all of the larger tools were flaked to where they could be easily held in hand in a comfortable manner. In a number of these tools, I have exhibited them "as is" and in my hand to show how they were held during use.

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Pueblo Culture Stone Axe/Hatchet ca. 8th Cent AD
Pueblo Culture Stone Axe/Hatchet ca. 8th Cent AD $17.95 
Ave! Pueblo Culture Stone Axe/Hatchet ca. 8th Cent AD Stone; 88mm, bi-faced. Tools li…
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Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon

Hair Pin, Zoomorphic, Dragon

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Claudius II in beautiful condition. As always the price is u ..

Claudius II,  Antoninianus, Hercules, Antioch Mint

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