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I am on my second canister of Renaissance Wax over a period of approximately four years of steady DAILY use. The light "tip of your finger" amount necessary to seal your coins from corrosion provides a brilliant depth to the patina, and cleanses away years of "cabinet toning", aka, dirt is unrivaled. I have been informed that the Royal Institute of Coins (RIC) uses the same product to seal their coins prior to laying them up for display. A very small touch of your finger to lightly dampen it, applied gently to both sides of your cleaned coin, and then either buffed with a Dremel nylon or soft clean fabric will bring out the brilliance of your coins. This is an excellent method to prepare coins prior to inserting them into flips for display or sale. I always have one can open and one can on standby...but one will last for years and years. Remember, just a slight touch is all it takes, lightly touch the wax and apply to both sides and buff away. If you require second coat, allow the first to dry, rebuff the coin (the coin won't take the insult personally - didn't see that coming), and lightly apply a second light coat and buff it again.

Rated by Garry Higgins

An absolutely essential product. Cheap to buy, simple to use yet makes an enormous difference to a finished coin's appearance. It gives a dull coin an attractive sheen that evens out small differences in a coin's appearance. I use it on all my finished coins.


A wonderful product! It really brings out the luster and detail of my nicest coins. almost 10 dollars seems like a lot for a single ounce, but remember...just a dab is all that's needed. A trace on the finger is enough for any coin.

Rated by John Feaster

This product works great. All you need is a little bit on your finger tips because a little goes a long way.

Rated by John DiPesa

a product whose efficiency doesn't need to be proven anymore, but it's still amazing to watch the result.

Rated by Didier Calin
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